Aeshma Daeva
Aeshma daeva
Status: Deceased
Gender: Asexual (Male personality)
Race: Goa'uld
Homeplanet: Earth
Rank: Ashrak
Allegiances: Himself
Galaxy: Milky Way
One of ashrak on the planet Earth that have gone missing.

History Modifica

Better known as Aeshma Daeva, this is one of the oldest goa'uld warlords who once arrived on Earth, fleeing goa'uld empire ,in galaxies, arrived on Earth, and precisely in Albania joining together with a Mamluk leader of Ottoman armies. Remained hidden to avoid capture, Aeshma Daeva reached egypt as military commander sent by the Ottomans to fill the power vacuum following the collapse of the Mamelukes defeated by Napoleon at the Battle of the Pyramids. Destroyed the Mamluk army corps to which he belonged thanks to a trick, Ali came to power devoting himself as a ruler of Egypt, the administration of the new kingdom. While regreted the army and the administration simply using his human without ever declaring divine, Aeshma Daeva  was betrayed by one of his guards and killed. Resurrected thanks to the sarcophagus that he had previously hidden in the citadel of Cairo, led a restoration of his reign, but he had to abandon his human host when he was imprisoned again following a rebellion. He returned on the planet Longinus, he joined as a warrior armed with Salah 'Dihn and was noted again by the Tok'ra who tried to kill him again without success. In response to requests from the goa'uld Akem Manah, joined the latter as his warmaster driving many battles and ending the war between the goa'uld Akem Manah and Saoshyant. Despite the victory of the latter, Aeshma Daeva was sent to crush the last pockets of enemy resistance and disappeared mysteriously. It is presumed to be dead.


The term Aeshma Daeva (Aesma Daeva) indicated in the religious culture of the ancient Iranian god (Daeva) of anger. The fact that to indicate a malignant gods there was referring to the term daeva is characteristic Iranian, since the deva religiosity ancient Indian retain instead valences decidedly positive. Aeshma means "wrath". In Parsismo is the demon of greed and anger. His anger is directed mainly against the cattle, the central figures of creatures, only Saoshyant will definitely win it.Avesta recent Aeshma embodies evil in the sense of completely generic, and his weapon is "the bloody wood."