Anima Vitrus
Anima vitrus
Race: Human
Technological Period: Nanotechnology Age
Earth Interest: Ancient Outpost
Under controll of: Tau'rì
Domain: Tau'rì
Galaxy: Milky Way
Anima Vitrus was a planet in the Milky Way galaxy, which was home to a Stargate.

History and description Modifica

It 'been visited at some point in the past by the Ancients, who left several buildings with a stargate on the planet who were still standing at the end of the 23 th century. it was worth noting that the ruins were made ​​of the same metal used in the Pegasus galaxy, instead of stone buildings used by the Ancients in the Milky Way. In addition to this, the planet was home to several species of megaflora that, from the time that the planet has been visited by humans from Earth, had invaded the ancient buildings.

In the years following the fall Goa'uld, the planet was found in the database downloaded from one of the devices of the Ancients still remained in the Milky Way. Despite the importance given by the presence of artifacts Alterans, the planet was visited only many years later on the recommendation of the Tok'ra, as it had come out of the Goa'uld in order to take possession of some technologies on the planet.