Race: Human


Technological Period: Unkhnow Age
Earth Interest: Goa'uld Outpost

Teyla Homeplanet

Under controll of: Ra Horakhti
Domain: Ra Horakhti
Galaxy: Pegasus
Athos was the first planet the Atlantis expedition visited after arriving in the Pegasus Galaxy in 2004. They met the Athosians, who told them of the Wraith.


Athosian The village was near a city built by Athosians. Teyla Emmagan took Major John Sheppard in some caves where the first Athosians hid from the Wraith, Sheppard and where to find a necklace that belonged to Teyla. Unfortunately, the central medallion was actually a Wraith transmitter that detected the gene ATA Sheppard, who bring the Wraith bring down the planet. The Tau'ri helped Athosians to react, but there were still a number of losses, bringing Sheppard to take Athosians to Atlantis. As punishment for the challenge Athosians', the Wraith has devastated the planet.

Stargate Armageddon Modifica


Athos, village

Athos was dotted by forests and has short days. E 'was later revealed that at some point the consignment is to be returned as Teyla commented that the Wraith had "burned bare of revenge". After the end of the collection of human beings, the Wraith left the planet monitoring is now uninhabited, but did not realize that instead of Athosians population, now the Goa'uld had arrived on board some Ha'tak. The latter began the exploration of the ruins to avoid being detected by the sensors installed spectrum across the city. Despite these precautions, a sensor warned of the presence of intruders on the planet by drawing attention of the Wraith. At first clash, the darth Wraith managed to capture some Jaffa, but the latter proved futile for the Wraith feeding. Following this first contact, a Wraith hive fleet was sent into the orbit of the planet, where it collided against the fleet of System Lord Ra Horakhti. Sure of their technological superiority, the Wraith were instead defeated marking the first step in creating a new Goa'uld Empire in Pegasus galaxy. Then the planet was claimed by the Supreme System Lord, and he sent many scholars to research and study the technology Athosian