Race: Tau'rì


Technological Period: Advanced Age
Earth Interest: Tau'rì Homeplanet
Under controll of: Tau'rì
Domain: Tau'rì
Galaxy: Milky way
The first world where human beings thrived, also known as the home of the Tau'ri. The planet was home to the Ancients several million years ago, and may have been the world where the species first evolved.

The Ancients left the planet with their great city, Atlantis, between five and 10 million years ago and headed for the Pegasus Galaxy.

Ra and the Goa'uld discovered Earth some 10 thousand years ago and captured the primitive humans, transplanting them throughout the galaxy in ships and through the Stargate.

Several thousand years ago, the peoples of Earth organized a rebellion. The Stargate was buried, and Ra's Jaffa were overthrown. The Stargate was unearthed in 1928 in Giza, Egypt, and now operates from Stargate Command inside Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado.

The Ancient word for Earth is "Terra."