Race: Human

Jaffà Goa'uld

Technological Period: Advanced Age
Earth Interest: Goa'uld OutPost
Under controll of: Achàman
Domain: Achàman
Galaxy: Milky way
Echeyde is a planet in the Milky Way which is a stargate.


Echeyde is a water-rich world is covered with over 85% of the surface. With the exception of an uninhabited desert continent in the northern hemisphere land area entirely composed of volcanic island chains.Echeydes soil is rich in a rich variety of tropical vegetation ranging from simple ferns and mosses to high broad-leaved trees. The beaches are black with glittering turquoise waters and a backdrop of lush greenery.

The fauna of Echeyde have reached a stage of development roughly equivalent to Earth late Cretaceous era, the land is dominated by six parted reptiles and the largest of these are man-size. For 1,500 years ago discovered Jaffa servants of the System Lord Cronus a Stargate address Echeyde as those found in the old temples on another world. The planet is not known in the majority of the System Lords. Cronus took the planet in its domain and killed all the Jaffa who knew about the planet and he placed a group of people of Guanches descent. He gave control of Echeyde to his loyal During Lord Achàman.

Stargate Armageddon Modifica

The planet was visited by the unit SG1 causing a rebellion among the population Guanches and the same Goa'uld. An army sent by the same Achàman, was exterminated with poison symbiotic gesture that produced in guanches still loyal to Achaman, a mass suicide. Following the Goa'uld has made his return among the survivors . (ep: False Belief)