Race: Human
Technological Period: Advanced Age
Earth Interest: None
Under controll of: Eldeorian
Domain: None
Galaxy: Milky way
Eldeore designated P54-573 by the Tau'ri is a planet in the Milky Way galaxy has a Stargate. Eldeore is one of the most human populated worlds in the Milky Way.


For 6.000 years ago placed an unknown Goa'uld people on the planet but then died and no one else Goa'uld took over the planet. Residents began to develop their civilization and until the fall of the Roman Empire on Earth so the people had placed a man into space. The population of the planet grew to 10 billion. The planet has six continents. The planet has been visited after an initial exploration, to retrieve a cognitive cancellation technology in its historic past by some members of Stargate Command.