Race: Human
Technological Period: Middle Age
Earth Interest: Tau'rì Protectorate
Under controll of: Tau'rì
Domain: Tau'rì
Galaxy: Milky Way
Planet in the Milky Way where there is a stargate. once part of the great empire of the fearsome Sokar, but at his death became the exclusive residence of the Goa'uld Sedask.

History Modifica

Loeask is a planet colonized by people coming from the planet Earth which technological progress is stopped at the Medieval period. As with many displaced populations in the past by the terrible Sokar, even the people of Loeask are Christian and lives in a constant state of fear because of the violence and brutality regime installed by the Sokar. To make matters worse, many Unas are present on the planet as a deterrent to potential riots.

After the apparent peace following the death of Sokar and the subsequent fall of the Goa'uld, Loeask saw the return of the same Sedask during a scientific reconnaissance operated by Tau'ri scholars. The planet in fear, knelt again at the same Sedask. Fortunately, the Goa'uld control lasted only a few hours. The explosion of Sedask Ha'tak, ended the Goa'uld domination of the planet. Following Loeask entered into the Treaty of the protected planets.