The naquadah is a rare mineral superdense used by numerous breeds for their technology . Its most common use is in the arms and ordnance especially since greatly amplifies the energy released . Thanks to its properties , is almost the most important factor for many technologies of many races including the Goa'uld or that of the Ancients. An example of technology Naquadah is constructed using the Stargate . The naquadah also is present within the bloodstream of the Goa'uld and their guests , and such presence allows the latter to identify the presence of other symbionts and to be able to control the technology . The naquadah is an extremely important resource among the Goa'uld so as to become the subject of exchange and in its Liquid is used as a propellant for guns and spaceships.


The Naquadah superconductor is a mineral with the ability to store huge quantities of energy. Furthermore goa'uld thanks to the presence of the material in picole amount in their blood stream , are able to feel the presence as well as the former guests.The ' use of a particular medicine temporarily blocks the ability to be detected by other goa'uld or from human and sensors previously calibrated. Due to the presence of naquadah in the blood, the use of anesthesia is more difficult. There is a variant called radioactive naquadah Naquadriah , but it is only known from a few news including the study who made the Goa'uld Thanos on the planet Langara.

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