Ring transport
Anelli in attivazione
Manufacter: Ancient



Designer: Ancient


Function: Transport
Size: Outer diameter: 7.5 meters

Inner diameter: 7 meters

Segment width: 0.1 meters

Made of: Naquadah
Power Source: Naquadah
Affiliation: Goa'uld Empire


Free Jaffà Nation

Function as teleportation and were invented by the Ancients before developing an efficient technology teleportation . Were later copied and used by the Goa'uld . Rings that are perfectly round , like the stargate , carrying things and people but in short distances ( maximum of 100,000 miles) . Are roughly half the size of the Stargate . The rings working in groups of 5 to 10 and are brought down over the object to be transported. In short they dematerialize the body and moves it in a small whormole and making it appear on the other side of the rings. Unlike the Stargate , if both points are persons or property , the rings exchanged simultaneously loads . You can intercept this power conduit via another group of rings mobile conveyors , ie on a ' spaceship , positioning on the wormhole . The rings are activated via a remote control or a control panel that allows you to activate displaying a white light that surrounds the teleported before the descent of the rings. The Goa'uld ring transporters are located on almost all of their planets and on almost all of their spaceships. The rings can be transported , in their turn , from one part to another .