Sekhet Hetep
Sekhep hetep
Race: Human

Jaffà (past)

Goa'uld (past

Technological Period: Advanced Age
Earth Interest: Goa'uld outpost
Under controll of: Ra (past)

Seketin (Now)

Son's of Ra (Now)

Domain: Goa'uld
Galaxy: Milky Way
Planet of the Milky Way that has for millennia been cut off from the network stargate because of a probable malfunction in the network upgrade.

Description and  HistoryModifica

Colonized thousands of years ago by the System Lord Ra, who brought you "to save" thousands of people, Sekhet Hetep is an extremely arid desert planet with little water in which there is only one big city with huge buildings and a large pyramid steps, usually resident in the same Ra. Given its extremely arid climate, Sekhet Hetep does not have a developed agriculture and a breeding even though it is completely self-sufficient thanks to an ingenious system of underground irrigation devised by one of the scientists in the same Ra.

Sekhet hetep

Sekhet Hetep, Ra city

About 5000 years ago the planet or rather the stargate on the planet went to a malfunction that the unlink it completely from the network of the Milky Way stargate, forcing the same Ra to leave the planet. Despite the absence, the company continued to present to honor the Sun God, waiting for the return of his God. Return that never happened, but despite this, the people did not cease worshiping the goa'uld as God of the sun. Subsequently, the planet was traced by System Lord Khnum to restore the Goa'uld empire, which included it after a negotiation within its rule, especially after its ambassadors came to know of Ra's death by the hand of Tau'rì. This prompted the planet to recognize in Khnum, the successor to Ra, and to adhere to his interstellar rule by providing even the tremendous amount of naquadah accumulated in thousands of years of isolation. But the instability given by the religious fervor of the deceased Ra's followers eventually forced Khnum to abandon the planet again and close their stargate in a definitive way. Despite this, the people of Sekhet Hetep and in particular the "Sons of Ra" continued in their vengeful work towards all those who had abandoned their God, accusing Khnum himself of conspiring for the death of Ra. At present the planet is accessible only through the surface conveyor rings. The stargate was taken from Khnum to prevent raids of Ra's sons.