Status: Deceased (Killed by Teal'c)
Gender: Female
Race: Abydonian (Human)
Homeplanet: Abydos
Rank: Daniel Jackson wife
Allegiances: Tau'rì, Abydonians
Galaxy: Milky way
Sha're on Abydos was born , is the daughter of Kasuf , sister of Skaara and always has been submitted to the System Lord Ra . When the team arrives O'Neil on the planet , and the population receives them, Kasuf offers his daughter to Dr. daniel Jackson ; these first refuses , but then they both fall in love, and when Daniel had the opportunity to return to Earth instead decide to remain at Abydos to marry Sha'uri . One year after the death of Ra , he arrived on the planet to another System Lord , Apophis . He kidnapped Skaara , to make a guest of the son Klorel , and Sha're , to make Amonet guest of his wife , his bride. Since then, he joined the team SG1 Daniel prefissandosi the purpose of finding her.

Meanwhile Apophis her pregnant Sha're with the aim of generating a human host with extracorporeal capacity , so as to become even more powerful . This action was prohibited among the Goa'uld : in fact the son of two guests of Goa'uld symbiotes , called Harsiesis , as well as superhuman powers also had the entire knowledge of the Goa'uld .

After about a year , Daniel Jackson and Teal'c Jaffa returned to Abydos , where they discovered the pregnancy of Sha're . During gestation the symbiont Amonet got in a dormant state to allow you to carry the pregnancy to term , allowing consciousness to Sha're to resurface. Daniel helped Sha're to give birth, but was unable to save the child , who was kidnapped by Apophis with Sha're , who in the meantime returned under the influence of Amonet .

Daniel played an important role in the war against the Goa'uld , but he never forgot his main goal : to find Sha're . Daniel was able to find it, but Amonet captured him and tortured him with his Karak'kesh , bringing Daniel dying . Teal'c had hit Amonet to save Daniel , Sha're wounded to death . After this episode, Daniel broke all his dealings with and Teal'c left Stargate Command . But Sha're appeared in his dream and told him to forgive Teal'c and SG-1 back in , convinced that through the glove Sha're has really left a message , he returned to the Command and forgive Teal'c . In addition Sha're asked him to find Shifu , the name of the son he had with Apophis , telling him that he was in a place called Kheb .