Manufacter: Goa'uld
Designer: Ptah
Class: Supply and Troop Transport
Lenght: 15 meters
Width: 10 meters
Height/Depth: 6,5 meters
Engine unit's: Sublight engines


Fuel: Naquadah
Hyperdrive System: Interstellar
Power Plant: Naquadah generator
Shelding: Goa'uld Shield
Countermeasures: Cloaking device
Armament: None
Minimum Crew: 1
Passenger: 25 maximum
Cargo Capacity: 35,000 kilograms
Other System: Self-destruct

Transportation rings

Escape pods

Role: Transport ship
Affiliation: Goa'uld



Free Jaffà Nation

Lucian Alliance

The tel'tak are small spaceships used by both the Goa'uld with the Tok'ra various tasks including troop transport or raw materials .

A Tel'tak is composed of two parts of which one elongated placed at the front , and a rear shape vaguely pyramidal which are housed the motiri and the cargo compartment over which the ring carrier . The rear part has two curved wings that retract when the shuttle must land on a surface . As indicated previously , the ship is divided into two sections, a front cockpit , toilet and area ' input as well as escape pods , and a rear cargo area , transport ring and engines. The two sections are divided by a bulkhead which can be removed to increase the zone of deposit goods.

The basic model of a Tel'tak Hyperdrive is equipped with a standard model , four capsules of rescue, a ring carrier and concealment device. Shields and weapons are assenti.Grazie to its small size , the tel'tak are very handy but lose in comparison to the Death Gliders . The speed of a tel'tak is lower than those of the Ha'tak or Al'kesh although it is possible to enter the first of the two ships .

A curiosity was the addition of a device inserted on Tel'tak in the hands of the Tok'ra or a transmitter capable of modifying the human voice in voice Goa'uld .