"'The' curse of Daniel Jackson" is one of the episodes of Stargate Armageddon.


The memories of Osiris re-emerge during the Sarah Gardner are in the mind instability of the already fragile woman. The only way to avoid the madness of the former life partner Dr. Jackson is an artifact lost in time on the planet Eldeore


During a series of nights particularly distressing, Sarah Gardner former host of Osiris begins to have hallucinations and visions. At first only in dreams or visions flash, then even hallucinations are added making the woman safe and prey to nightmares and hysteria. Despite being visited by Dr. Lam, you do not experience any neurological problem. Despite so the results she gets caught in Stargate Base for further investigation and hand hand through dreams, reveal anything about the secret life of Osiris. It is aware of the existence of the reason for his incarceration due to the attempt to create a clone of the same Ra in order to learn the information to be able to testify. The memories are also connected to the same woman's health worsens to the eye and compels the audience to have to probe the mind of the woman with the hope of finding something that will eliminate the noise.

In examining the mind, Stargate Command is aware of the personality of the deceased goa'uld still inside the mind of Sarah. This residue is killing the woman voluntarily as an entity in its own right. Is finally tracked down a system to eliminate the last remnants of the mind of the Goa'uld, but the device that allows you to extract all memory Goa'uld was destroyed 5000 years ago on the planet Eldeore the death of Ramses , a minor Goa'uld who succeeded the father. The team is forced to go back in time thanks to the Puddle Jumper left by Janus and the team arrives on Eldeore a few weeks before the device is destroyed. Being a Goa'uld planet, Teal'c can only walk around easily thanks to his tattoo Goa'uld. the mission can easily because at that time it seems that the Goa'uld planet has a power struggle going on. Removed from the device without being detected, the team falls behind, bringing with them the device. Osiris finally disappears from the mind of Sarah Gardner.


Daniel Jackson, Teal'c, Aziru, Eldeore ,Sarah Gardner , Cameron Mitchell, Samantha Carter, Vala Mal Doran


  • The Goa'uld can leave part of their mind even after being extracted
  • It is used to time the jump puddles